The clothing and apparel industry is saturated.  So with all of the different brands out there how is someone supposed to make a choice on where and what to buy?  There are however endless factors that can separate one tee from another.  Two identical looking tees can be drastically different when you stop and dissect what goes into the construction all the way down to the level of thread that is used.  The ways in which a tee are made have everything to do with the feel, fit, and durability.  

Here at FloLife, we use 100% Combed Ring-spun cotton or Tri-Blend.  

You are probably saying, "Great, what does that mean?" We are glad you asked! 


Ring spun cotton has more length and smoothness compared with open end yarn.  When you hear or read the term "ring spun" that means the yarn has gone through an innovative spinning process that is specifically designed to completely soften and straighten each fiber.  The end result is softer and more refined fibers (Pieces of clothing you WANT to wear). 

If you desire something that feels even softer.  Which living in the Florida environment is a must! Then let us introduce you to Combed ring-spun cotton, this is how our (FloLife) shirts are built.  Combed ring-spun cotton are where the fibers are spun then followed up with a combing process that removes impurities while maintaining softness.  What happens when the impurities are removed? A couple of things.  First, you get maximum comfort.  Second, you get a much smoother surface to print on which makes the designs more durable. 

(pic A)

Industry brands utilize Carded open-end cotton.  Carded open-end is a more cost effective process of turning cotton into yarn.  When this method is performed, fibers are bound by a wrapped fiber that runs perpendicular to the bundle, compared to ring-spun cotton, where all of the fibers are aligned in the same direction.   The differences between the two can easily be felt and seen (see pic A).  Carded open-end fibers are bulky and fuzzy.  These imperfections create an uneven knit.

Here at FloLife, we promised to always put quality over price, and only use cotton that is 100% combed and ring-spun.  As consumers become more educated towards fabric and begin to feel the differences in quality we see customers moving away from material used by other brands and into FloLife.  

Cliff notes version of the benefits of 100% ring-spun cotton shirts:

1. 100% combed ring-spun cotton feels softer and smoother due to the refined production process that is performed.

2. The construction of 100% combed ring-spun cotton creates a stronger, tighter fabric weave that still provides the benefit of being lightweight and breathable.

3. Since 100% combed ring-spun cotton has a tighter knit, ring-spun apparel is more durable than standard cotton leading to a longer life span.

4. The extra process of combing ring-spun cotton makes the shirts even softer! 


When you hear that a shirt is 30 singles or 40 singles, singles refers to the weight of the thread that is used to weave the fabric.  The higher the thread weight number is, the softer, finer, and thinner the shirt will be.  If a higher thread weight number is used, then a finer and tighter knit weave can be obtained.  This provides the shirt using a higher weighted thread number a feel that is softer and finer.  

A 50 singles shirt would be thinner and lighter than a 30 single shirt, a 30 single shirt would be lighter and finer than an 18 single shirt, so on and so on.  

For men, a 30 singles shirt is considered to be a premium quality, fine, soft shirt.  For women, a 30 singles or 40 singles shirt is considered to be a premium quality.  

At FloLife we use 30 and 40 singles ring-spun cotton or tri-blend shirts (next blog post).  

T-shirts are extremely functional pieces of clothing, everyone can wear T-shirts.  Our FloLife shirts are constructed with the Florida climate in mind.  They are softer, lightweight, breathable, and durable so you can wear them no matter what you are out there exploring! We know you will be designating it as your new favorite shirt.   

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